Welcome in Olympus Mythical Trail  

“Olympus Mythical Trail” is a new 100k ultra-trail race that is going to organized at Mountain Olympus, Greece - the famous “Mountain of Gods” - on June 30, 2012. The race applies to experienced athletes, because it requires advanced skills due to its high difficulty grade. The route spreads out in a 100k distance and covers totally 6500 meters of elevation gain. The trail passes through unique scenery that offers tremendous view of the famous mountain, and in the meantime constitutes a tough trial for mountain runners, in a demanding technical terrain. The race starts at midnight from the sea-level archaeological site of Dion, increasing thus its emotional degree and physical difficulty. Registration opens on coming February for 200 athletes. This website is temporary and will operate until the establishment of the official one. 
Contact us at info@a-z.gr for further information about the upcoming race.

RACE DATA > Find below the basic data of the race in brief. It is possible that there will be some changes until the official announcement of the race, on early January 2012.
  •          Distance: 100 Kilometers
  •          Ascent: 6500 meters
  •          Course type: Point-to-point
  •          Time limit: 29 hours
  •          Highest altitude: 2911 meters
  •          Lowest altitude: 15 meters
  •          Average altitude: 1497 meters
  •          Aid stations: 11 (3 main: κ-22, κ-66, κ-86)
  •          Cut-off time points: 4
  •          Drop bag: 1 (at Κ-66)
  •          Obligatory equipment: No
  •          Medical Certificate: No
  •          Start: Saturday 7, July 2012, 01:00 at Dion archaeological site
  •          Closure: Sunday 8, July 2012, 06:00 at Litochoro town
  •          Participants number: 200 in total (50 non-Greeks)
  •          Qualification for non-Greeks: a 80K/50M trail race in the last 2 years
  •          Inscriptions: 10 March - 30 April, 2012
  •          Organization: Adventure Zone
  •          Race Director: Lazaros Rigos
  •          Contact: info@a-z.gr

  • View a detailed interactive Garmin map here